Understanding IP Address – Basic knowledge for beginners

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IP Addresses are one of the topics that people need to know about before learning any cyber security course. Also many myths are there in market about hacking & IP Addresses. Read this article to understand about the basics of IP Addresses & network hacking.

What is an IP Address?

Well, you must need to know that Internet is a connection of multiple computers or network devices and to make communication between them is not so easy. You can relate internet as world and computers that are connected as our houses & workplaces. If we need to communicate from one person to another, a letter is required to be sent via the postman & for the same we would require the exact addresses of both the places i.e., senders address and receivers address. Similarly if 10 computers are connected to each other and 2 computer wants to communicate, the internet requires location of both computers. The exact location of a computer on internet is called as an IP Address. That means, Any devices gets an IP Address only if it is online. It can be over WAN or LAN or Localhost.

IP Address articles is not good until it has network image 🙂

What are the types of IP Addresses?

Basically without going in depth we can say that IP Addresses are of two types that a hacker must know:

  • Dynamic IP Address
    • Dynamic IP addresses are provided by the telecom companies to their users as they move from one location to another and there fore the mobile towers are also getting regularly changed. So, this IP Addresses of their users devices are also getting changed regularly i.e., your movement and availability of electricity changes your dynamic IPs of devices on internet.
  • Static IP Address
    • Static IP Addresses are the fixed IP addresses that are provided by the internet service providers to specific customers for managing their fixed servers on internet & this fixed IPs allow you to access your servers from anywhere. Noted that the change in status of electricity & location does not affect this IPs.

Can a hacker exploit my devices on sharing of IP Addresses?

It actually depends on the exploit that a hacker is going to use for hacking your devices. If the hacker is connected to your mobile network, it is really difficult or equivalent to impossible that he/she can hack your devices. But, If your device is connected to a same router network as of a hacker, It is possible to breach your device security. There is a sense of insecurity if your network is assigned a fixed IP i.e., a static IP because hackers can attack any time with no limit in attack duration to your networks as the Network IP is never gonna changed. But in case of Dynamic IP there is less possibility that a hacker can hack remotely. That means in case of dynamic IP Hacker is needed to be connected in your local network But, if your IP is Static, they can attack from anywhere, anytime. Rest depends on your device security and human error still has no limits.

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