Hacking wireless networks over WAN – Shodan Secrets Revealed

इस आर्टिकल को अपनी भाषा में पढने के लिए, दिए आप्शन से अपनी भाषा चुनें !

Hello dear readers, Let's know how hackers gain access to your wireless networks using Shodan search engine! In this article I am going to reveal my secret shodan dork for discovering vulnerable wireless networks over Internet. So, stay tuned till you understand the significance of this attack.

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As previously discussed, Shodan is a hackers search engine for gathering information about various devices and networks hosted on Internet. Considering our case of gathering information about vulnerable wireless networks, You need to start defining patterns of vulnerable wireless devices & build your own shodan dork.

What is a Shodan Dork?

Shodan is a search engine for hackers. Dork is defined as a syntax or keyword that is used to search solutions on search engines. Therefore, Shodan Dork is a set of keywords or well-defined phrase that is used for filtering out the searches from shodan listings. Shodan dorks are defined based on one's personal experience of discovering the vulnerable applications & devices. I found a similar pattern & build my own shodan dork for listing out the most vulnerable wireless networks on internet.

Are all wireless network routers eligible for this attack?

When you are dealing with network security, You will need to know the possible network structure. This attack is eligible only if the ISP (Internet Service Providers) provide you a static IP. But, all static IPs are not vulnerable. This vulnerability is caused when your static IP is bind to a server in router's DMZ configuration. When the server is turned off or inaccessible or not online, your static ip is redirected to your wifi routers login page. This make your routers login open over WAN for creepy hacker to brute-force the network.

My secret Shodan dork explained:

First of all let me highlight that this article is only for educational purpose & any use of this dork must not be considered malicious in case. I am personally not responsible for any kind of malicious act done by you. We are cyber security experts and to find the vulnerabilities, we keep on researching a lot our whole life. So, keep learn cyber security & discover new opportunities in Ethical Hacking.

Following are the steps that I used to discover vulnerable wireless networks form Shodan:


Sign in or register to: Shodan.io As you can not search until you are registered on Shodan. Also after signing up, you get access to their free features with some limitations like you can only visit upto 2 pages and you can use limited filtering using dorks. You can simply boost this step by one click login features like login with Google or login with Facebook.


Once you are logged in to Shodan, All you need to do is, put the given dork in search bar & press enter.

"GoAhead-Webs" city:Karachi title:router

What does this dork mean?

We are trying to filter out devices listed with title as "Router" in the city Karachi. "GoAhead-Webs" is s tiny web server embedded inside wifi routers which networking engineers access to configure your wireless routers & the firmwares. In simple words, Your wifi routers has an inbuilt tiny web server. You can read more about it here. This helps in listing the wireless routers available in Karachi & you can even change the city name to search in your required locations. You can add various filters like organisation, country, IP range & even geo locations in your shodan dorks. Read more about the dorks here.


Now you will find the list of many routers that are available in Karachi along wit details like their Static IP Addresses, Organisation name & Router manufacturer company. All you need to do is, click on the link & get into the detailed page about the router. Check out the ports enabled on that device.

You will notice that some of the ports enabled are either Http or Https. Yes, That particular port will drop you to the admin login of that router. Now you have to just click on the green arrow icon.

This green arrow will redirect you to the admin login of that router. NOw all you have to do is try the default ID Password of that router like:

  • admin:admin
  • admin:password
  • admin:123456
  • admin:admin123

If you know dictionary attack, you can brute-force with common passwords. 80% of the network engineers do not care about default password of the wireless routers & if that router has a static IP, It simply gets hacked.

So, Shodan is one of the amazing search engine used for discovering possible vulnerabilities & exploits over Wide Area Network. All you need is some knowledge for building your own shodan dorks.

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