Gmail – Hackers key to spy your life!

इस आर्टिकल को अपनी भाषा में पढने के लिए, दिए आप्शन से अपनी भाषा चुनें !

Hey readers ! Cheers for your security because you are here to read about how anyone can simply spy over your entire life with just an access to your Gmail account. As I have previously discussed in my article about the importance of you presence on Google platforms, you might be aware that Google keeps an eye on your whole life directly & indirectly. Also Gmail is the unique ID for each individual that Google uses to psychologically track & keep record of its every user.

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Google tracks you more than you ever think !

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Well ! The lines written on featured image are true. Gmail the key for hackers to gain access in your life. Now its the time to give you a whole new fresh content about the data privacy of your digital life. Let's get started!

#1 Google's My Activity

Your daily online data contributes in various google services to build it more useful for you. Obviously if they track you everywhere they know what is your actual need day by day & how to get your hard earned money with their child platforms. Google activity helps you to review and manage your activities, including things you've searched, websites you've visited, apps usage history on your mobile phone, your location history & many more stuffs that you do online. Link to Google's My Activity

Your Location History

Anyone with the access to your Gmail account can simply grab your all location history. Example image is mentioned as below:

Your Web & App History

Anyone with the access to your Gmail account can simply grab your all app usage & preference history. Example image is mentioned as below:

Your Audio Recording History

Anyone with the access to your Gmail account can simply grab your all audio recording history. Example image is mentioned as below:

Your Video Content History

Anyone with the access to your Gmail account can simply grab your all video content consumption history. Example image is mentioned as below:

#2 Google's Play Store

Android smart phone users are in majority across the world & they all have a platform called as Google Play Store preinstalled on their smartphones. This is actually built for downloading necessary apps & services from developers across the world. As android app development is actually boom in this digital era. Now how can hackers misuse your smartphone with google play store. Actually google play store can be logged in with your Gmail account & hackers can manage all your apps with this. That means They can know what android device you have & they can remotely from desktop install an app from Google Play Store on your device without your consent. That means they can put any spy app on Google play store & install it on your device remotely by just having access of your Gmail Account.

#3 Find My Device

Find My Device is a positive initiative for all android users that helps them locate, erase and manage their device from anywhere anytime across the world. But, The con for this applications is that again this is getting logged in with Gmail account & all your devices are available on hackers screen. They can do play a sound, get your current location, lock your device & erase your device from anywhere anytime only if they have access to your Gmail account. For example below is the image for it.

So, I hope you may have understood about the importance of your Gmail account for your online as well as offline safety. The best practice to avoid getting hacked in your practical life from your virtual accounts is to get it secured by experts. Yes, we can secure your account & help you live your virtual life safely.

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